• General winemaking - grape-to-glass
  • Matching grape sources-to-wine style and vinification-to-vineyard
  • Team development
  • Wine style definition & execution
  • Generate written production procedures and winemaking protocol
  • Promote the connections between the various partners in the industry
  • Serve as a resource regarding equipment, procedures, and training

Barbara's consultation has included, in addition to grape-to-glass winemaking, projects helping various new labels get their start, making wines for established wineries, serving as resource when wineries make transitions to new winemakers, and generally being a technical resource. Her personal goal is to translate the most vivid expression possible of any vineyard site into the bottle.

“Barbara’s sensitive palate, relevant observations and critical insights position her ideally as a consultant able to design, set up and oversee a complete winemaking program, or to serve as a technical resource for a range of projects. She is a problem solver and a fine communicator. Barbara is my ‘go to person’ when I need help with a wine project.” - Zelma Long, Winemaking Partner, Vilafonte; Consulting Winemaker .


The diversity between vineyards is central to the winemaking process. Each combination of site, variety, farming, and vintage requires a unique set of viticultural and winemaking responses. For Barbara, this is definitely fundamental, and one of the most satisfying aspects of winemaking.

Vineyard at Fieldstone Winery
Alexander Valley, Sonoma County

An old Zinfandel vine at Peter Fanucchi's vineyards on Wood Road in Sonoma County's Russian River AVA
"Andre Tschelistcheff had been my consultant from 1982 to 1994 and following his retirement, I went in search for his replacement. I looked for a person who, along with the other outstanding qualities, had the ability and interest to envision and implement the crafting of wines 'from the vineyard up.' Barbara's experience and interests fit this criterion to a tee."
- John Staten, owner and general manager of Field Stone Winery
  "I was most impressed with the wines Barbara crafted at Grand Cru from the harvest of 1989. She managed to preserve the fruit character in what was a horrifically challenging season…From that day I knew that if I ever needed a winemaking consultant, Barbara would be my first choice. She began making our old vine Zinfandel and Trousseau Gris in 1998." - Peter Fanucchi, Fanucchi Vineyards

Some other vineyards with which Barbara has worked
View from le Charlemagne
Carneros, Sangiacomo Family Vineyards
Medoc, facing Paulliac,
Chateau Lynch-Bages
Green Valley, Sonoma Coast,
Marimar Estate
Sands of the Golfe de Lion, Listel


The best vineyards, equipment, and plans are only as good as the winemaking team. Barbara helps wineries establish clear protocols and procedures, identify individuals' strengths, and train winery personnel. The object is for the crew to enjoy the work and each other, come rain or come shine - and, of course, to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Part of Grand Cru Winery's "Grand Crew", 1989

"Team building was a critical need, along with professional winemaking methodology and procedures, to ensure for the continued production of top quality award winning wines. She did a beautiful job." - Walt Dreyer, Dreyer Sonoma (former owner of Grand Cru Winery)


Since the early 1980's working together at Simi Winery,
Barbara & Susan Reed continue to "team up" on projects.

"Barbara's objective is to create a collaborative and cohesive team. By making herself approachable and encouraging input from all, she empowers employees, whatever their role - encouraging and motivating them to make their company successful." - Susan Reed, winemaker at Gary Farrell Winery

Teamwork in action
Build a team and use it well.
Find the right person for the job!
Relish the process, come rain or shine.
Enjoying the fruits of
the Motherlode project.


Establishing, maintaining, and clearly expressing a wine's style in the final product is essential for a winery's success and credibility. All of the tools in winemaking play integral roles, including everything from grape source and pick date, winemaking protocols and equipment, packaging -- and everything in between. Barbara's proven track record, her ability to listen, her respect for the grapes and the process, and the establishment of long-term relationships, enable her to provide her clients with superior results, time after time.

"I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm, creativity, and discipline that Barbara brings to a project. She is an extremely capable hands-on winemaker - insisting on good project design, introducing the rigorous use of sensory analysis to projects, and interpreting results with care and over time." - Dawnine Dyer, Owner & Winemaker, Dyer Wines

"There's something very present tense about the way Barbara Lindblom describes the care-and-feeding of a quality product. For Barbara, grapes aren't just small dark blue, purple or greenish item used to make wine: they're living organisms of extreme personality…" - Claudia McAllister, Women in Wine and Spirits

From the choice and management of the vineyard…
To the decisions about equipment and processes…
To the design of the package…
And describing the wine clearly and accurately.


Winemaking is a continuous process, and the final step is the way in which the wine is described. Being able to identify and communicate how the wine tastes is key to accomplishing the goal - both within the winery, as well as to the market and consumer. (See Sensory Services)

"At Matanzas Creek, Barbara helped us to define and verbalize our wine style, and to integrate sensory and scientific techniques into our everyday practical tasting." - Bill Parker, Winemaker White Oak Vineyards & Winery


A particularly interesting example of the ways in which vineyard, vinification, and wine style converge is Barbara's work with Sangiacomo Family Vineyards. In addition to providing a winemaking perspective to the Sangiacomo Family's discussions and working with them on sensory projects, she has been coordinating their annual ranch tastings since 1995. These winter events bring together the winemakers and the Sangiacomo family to taste the young Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. More significantly, the exchange of information about the specific sites, as well as vinification practices, and style objectives - in the context of tasting the young wines and lively discussion - reinforces the notion of a single continuous process - rather than of pieces cobbled together.

"Our family has been working with Barbara for over thirty years and are proud to call her a friend and a colleague. She has been instrumental in the development of our annual wine tastings by providing her extensive knowledge and expertise. Barbara is also a great resource for our sensory and winemaking questions. Her passion and experience in the wine industry shows in all facets of her business." - Steve Sangiacomo, Sangiacomo Family Vineyards

Sangiacomo Family Vineyards - annual Pinot Noir tasting

Background photos and all photos of the Sangiacomo Family Vineyards and Tastings by MIKE PUCCI